Calling all serious BBQ experts, tailgating pros and culinary masters of the grill.  Florida Knife announced today the “Bad Ass Cleaver” is nearing completion of field trials, and will soon be available for purchase.  The “Bad Ass Cleaver” was designed by renowned knife designer Tom Johanning Sr.  and field tested by renowned BBQ Chef Bobby “Choo Choo” Hinton.

“The Bad Ass Cleaver is perfectly balanced, perfectly weighted and cuts through ribs like a Honey Badger.” Bobby “Choo Choo” Hinton.

The “Bad Ass Cleaver” will be featured both on the Florida Knife web site in addition to its own site that will include detailed specifications, pictures and video of the “Bad Ass Cleaver” in action.

In addition, the “Bad Ass Cleaver” will come laser engraved with the artwork of your choice.  Whether it’s your favorite sports team logo, your family or business name or just the “Bad Ass Cleaver’s” namesake, it will be uniquely yours.

Stay tuned for further information.