Let’s face it, we are all not getting any younger.  As time goes on we aren’t nearly as nimble and quick as we use to be.  The same is true with the machines we use, years of production will leave equipment worn and not as precise as the day they entered service.  There is good news however, in most cases machines can turn back the clock with a little work and minimal down time making your production line like new.

Florida Knife specializes in surface grinding of working components in both press brake and shearing machines.  With operating margins constantly under attack from every direction, extending the life of our equipment and avoiding large capital expenditures is the key to survival.

Whether it’s the die block holder, punch holder or ram, or the actual dies and punches, Florida Knife can resurface your press break equipment extending the life of the machines in addition to improving the end products you manufacture.  Florida Knife has extensive grinding capabilities, Click Here to view the details of what Florida Knife can do.

Much like press brake machines, a shearing machine’s performance can return to its original form by sharpening the shearing blades.  Florida Knife is the industry leader in manufacturing and sharpening of industrial knives with over 150 years of combined experience on the management team alone.  Additionally, the average tenure at Florida Knife for our machine operators is over 15 years so you can rest assured that your blades are being sharpened by professionals.  Click Here to see our 5 stage process to sharpening your blades.

Florida Knife stands ready to get you “Back to New”.

For more information about what Florida Knife can do for you contact us today.