What Makes a Good Machine Knife?

Our team of experts understands that every industry places unique demands on their cutting edges. Choosing the correct tool will eliminate material waste, time, machine adjustments and tooling costs, while providing increased productivity, accuracy and reliable endurance. Choosing the proper material and hardness, the correct design for the application, special surface and heat treatments, all work together to ensure the integrity of your machine knife.

Our company offers custom manufacturing for knife replacements and special orders. To help our clients we manufacture to customer prints or we can reverse engineer from a sample. We also have problem solving capabilities that help our clients save money. Our technical expertise comes from 30 years of experience.  We know which materials to use, which designs work best and which specialty coatings are needed.

Florida Knife has manufacturing, service and technical expertise in both creating and sharpening knives. We offer superior performance, quality services, unparalleled design and a 100% unconditional guarantee.

The important processes needed to create a good machine knife include:

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Performance, quality, service, unparalleled design and manufacturing expertise plus a 100% unconditional guarantee. That’s Florida Knife.