Engraving with a laser provides a permanent mark that will with stand the test of time and production.  You may be asking, what would you engrave on a knife and why?

There are numerous applications starting with Private Labeling.  In some cases you may want to add your company logo and part numbers to the product, which allows you to resell the knives and track them in inventory.  Using a laser gives a professional looking and exceptional image of your business in the eyes of your customer.

Some customers need part numbers or date of manufacture information on the blades, which facilitates their communication with us helps to quickly match the blades with the shipping scabbards.

Below are some examples of items we commonly engrave onto the products:

What are the Benefits of Laser Engraving?

  • Laser Engraving is a Green Process, there is no environmental impact
  • The process is flexible and changes can be made easy
  • Laser engraving can be used on a variety of materials
  • Laser engraving is faster than other methods
  • Laser engraving provides a deep and permanent mark
  • Laser engraved marks are professional looking and precise
  • Lasers are the preferred method to Bar Code with 2D Data Matrix Codes & UID Codes

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