Your Single Source for Industrial Blades

Florida Knife services numerous industries including; Printing, Packaging, Converting, Food Processing, Plastics & Rubber and Manufacturing/Metalworking. If a process requires cutting, Florida Knife’s expertise and manufacturing capacity can supply exceptional blades that are produced to your exact specifications and requirements.

A large selection of common knives are available for immediate shipment, contact our sales team today to see if we have your blade in stock.

We can produce private label knives and we offer custom manufacturing for knife replacements and special orders. To help our clients we manufacture to customer prints or we can reverse engineer from a sample. Florida Knife can meet all of your needs in a timely and cost effective manner.

New Blades For Sale


Horizontal Flow Wrapper Knives Shear Blades
Beveled Edge Knives In-Line Rotary Trimmers Sheeter Knives
Bias Cutters Knife Holders Shredder Knives
Bottom Knives Notcher Blades Slitting Knives
Circular Knives Optional Tear Notches Spacers
Core Cutting Knives Over Wrappers Straight Knives and Anvils
Cross Cut Tooth Forms Paper Drills Stripper Ring
Crush Cutting Knives Pelletizing Knives Tape Knives
Cut-Off Knives Perfed Knives Tie Plate Tooling
Cutting Sticks Perforating Knives Tooth Knives
Dish Slitter Knives Punch Cut Blades Tray Knives
Doctor Blades Punches – Vertical Form Fill Trimming Knives
Dovetail Bars Razors Knives Vertical Bagger Knives
Drill Blocks Rotary Slitter Web Press Cut Off Knives
Extrusion Cutoff Knives Scarfing Tools to Trim Welding Flash Zig-Zag Knives
EZ Open Knives Scissor Knives Ice Scrapper
Folding Knives Score Knives Zamboni
Form Fill and Seal Scrap Choppers Chipper
Granulator Knives Scrap Shear Blades
Guillotine Knives Serrated Knives