Florida Knife has extensive grinding experience and capabilities that can work for your applications.  We specialize in grinding plates, sheets and blanks and have capabilities and capacity for large pieces and multiple piece production runs.  We can grind all metal surfaces such as tool steel, alloys, stainless and aluminum.  In some cases we have also performed grinding on certain plastics.

Grinding Applications

Thickness Grinding

Used to reduce the thickness of parts to within a specified tolerance. Generally parts are produced with some level of excess grind stock available.  Some parts require straightening prior to grinding to minimize the amount of material removed. Tolerances of thickness grinding are within .005″.

Restoring Surface Flatness on Machinery

Machinery surfaces and tables need to be ground periodically to return them to their original flatness and remove damage.  Worn tables and surfaces can effect tooling and fixtures and part accuracy.  Common surfaces are Bridgeport tables, milling machine tables, CNC tables, fixture & tooling blocks and other work surfaces.

Other application types for resurfacing are:

  • Bridegeport Tables
  • Milling Tables
  • Surface Tables
  • Rotary tables

Resurfacing Wear Plates, Injection Molds and Weldments

Machine surfaces that are exposed to abrasive materials or actions can quickly degrade.  Grinding the surface returns the part back to its original working state.  The amount of grinding and surface removal varies greatly and the process requires great care to determine the procedure and tools to restore an item.  In some situations a part may be beyond repair or grinding so extensive that replacement would be more cost effective.  Our team will partner with you to make the best decision.

Common wear plate applications are in shotcrete and concrete pumping machinery.  The abrasive nature of the sand and aggregate quickly degrades the surfaces in the machine requiring Blanchard Grinding.  We have the capacity to take and process larger quantities of wear plates at a time, keeping your operation moving.

Other application types for resurfacing are:

  • Plates
  • Injection Mold plates
  • Weldments
  • Press Break Tooling
  • Tooling and Fixtures
  • Castings
  • Die blocks
  • Forgings
  • Stampings
  • Vacuum chambers
Machine Types Blanchard 36″ Table Diameter
Blanchard 42″ Table Diameter
Blanchard 60″ Table Diameter
Vertical Spindle 12″ x 180″
Horizontal 20″ x 40″ and 16″ x 72″
Materials Steel
Iron Based Superalloy
Alloy Steel
Carbon Steel
Tool Steel
Ferrous Materials
Applications Plates
Injection Mold plates
Wear Plates
Bridegeport Tables
Milling Tables
Surface Tables
Thickness Grinding