Custom Knife Design and Specialty Machine Knives from Florida Knife Company

At Florida Knife Company we have over 150 years of combined knife manufacturing experience in standard and custom machine knives.  The depth of knowledge and experience we bring to the table can be used to manufacture custom solutions to meet your needs.  The need for custom blades is varied, from extending the life of aging equipment to re-engineering blades to enhance their performance above OEM specifications.  Whichever the reason, Florida Knife can you help make you better and more efficient.

Our professionals are experts in materials, heat treatments, coatings and knife design and have produced thousands of specialty blades to support the industries:


We view our customer like partners, your performance directly impacts ours.  We offer our years of experience and unparalleled technical expertise as a no charge service.  In some situations we may recommend changes when we quote a job or for more complicated scenarios we may be able to go on-site to work with your team directly.

Our service is simple, we recommend changes and consult with clients when we think we can offer better alternatives, help a client save money or improve a design.


  • One of our clients came to us seeking a cutting edge to produce automated address labels at a high volume. We worked with the client to determine the best material, steel and hardness of the blade, and worked with the client to modify their assembly specifications that resulted in true cost savings to the process.
  • In some cases a new blade is not necessary.  We recently worked with a client to convert their guillotine cutter to work with plastics.  Only an experienced blade manufacturer could have walked the client through adjusting their blade angles to properly calibrate the machine to effectively cut a different material.  Demonstrating trust in that manner is the best compliment someone can give.

Performance, quality, service, unparalleled design and manufacturing expertise, and a 100% unconditional guarantee. That’s Florida Knife.