Florida Knife manufactures and provides high performance machine knives for every faucet of the metal working industry.  In addition to manufacturing we also provide a complete inventory of popular sizes and styles of all knives and cutting. For knives that are no longer available or hard to find we offer custom manufacturing which can help you avoid replacing costly machines.  To help our clients we manufacture to customer prints or we can reverse engineer from a sample.

All of our blades are manufactured to exceed OEM specifications to ensure you get exceptional results in your processes and our knives and blades come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Florida Knife has extensive experience of over 30 years manufacturing and supplying knives for the printing industry.  Our knowledge and unparalleled experience delivers specialty technical assistance that can boost your performance and reduce down time and cost.

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Knife & Blade Sharpening

Why send your knives to us for sharpening?  It’s simple really, we are an experienced knife manufacturer and the machines, people and processes we use to make your knives we also use to sharpen them.  We sharpen and re-condition knives back to the OEM specifications and degree of sharpness using only soft wheels to prevent edge cracking or heat checking.  Florida Knife can turn around delivery in 3-5 days or shorter for hot jobs and we provide Priority Weekend Knife Sharpening Services to eliminate the need for any downtime for your business

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Performance, quality, service, unparalleled design and manufacturing expertise, and a 100% unconditional guarantee. That’s Florida Knife.